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Spark provides the perfect starting point for your next big idea. Forget all the boilerplate and focus on what matters: your application.

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Superhero Scaffolding.

Spark is a Laravel package that provides scaffolding for all of the stuff you don't want to code. Subscription billing? We got that. Invoices? No problem.

We even take care of authentication, password reset, team billing, two-factor authentication, profile photos, and more. It's the perfect starting point for your next big idea.

Just $99 Per Site. $299 For Unlimited Sites.

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What's new in Spark
Spark recently received the biggest update to Spark since its original release. This release includes an enhanced UI built on Bootstrap 4, Localization, Per-Seat Pricing, and a variety of other improvements.

Bootstrap 4.0

Spark is now built on the latest release of the Bootstrap CSS framework, providing a wonderful, modern starting point for your application's interface.


Spark may now be translated to the language of your choice. All text throughout the entire application is translatable. In fact, Spark even supports right-to-left text layouts.

Per-Seat Pricing

You may now configure your application's to charge per user, per team, or per any other "per-seat" pricing metric you desire. Building a project management application? You can now charge per project!

Enhanced UI

The Spark settings dashboard has received a custom, fine-tuned overhaul from Laravel's own in-house designer: Steve Schoger. Enjoy a clean, simple starting point for your application.

Stripe or Mollie

Spark supports both Stripe and Mollie as subscription payment gateways, allowing you to easily bill your users on a monthly, yearly, or per-seat basis.

The Latest Laravel

Spark now supports the latest release of Laravel, so you are free to take advantage of all of Laravel's great new features within your own Spark application.

All the features you’ve been looking for. And then some.


Authentication, registration, and password reset are ready out of the box. It’s never been faster to get started building your dreams.


Subscription billing without the hassle. Offer monthly and yearly plans using Stripe. Define plans using expressive code and get started building what matters: your business.


Allow your users to create, join, and invite other users to their teams without writing a single line of code. Spending weeks of writing boilerplate is so last year.


Allow your customers to download PDF copies of their invoices. Spark will even automatically e-mail your customers their monthly invoice. One more thing you don’t have to worry about.

Team Billing

Allow each team to have its own billing plan. Think of it like GitHub Organizations. All without writing a single line of code. Tears of joy are nothing to be ashamed of.


Make announcements to your customers so they are always in the loop. Spark makes it a cinch to always keep in touch with your customers.

User Impersonation

Debugging a problem and need to login as one of your customers? Spark’s developer Kiosk allows you to authenticate as any of your customers.

Two-Factor Authentication

Want to offer two-factor authentication to your customers? Spark has you covered with just a few lines of code. Use Authy or your own two-factor authentication provider.

Vue The Future

Spark's client-side is powered by Vue.js, a beautiful JavaScript framework that makes the front-end a joy. Want a different JavaScript framework to power your application? You can do that too!

API Out Of The Box

Spark allows your customers to generate API tokens and even grant specific abilities to tokens. Of course, API authentication is ready out of the box. Share your API with your JavaScript client and your SDKs.

Easy Upgrades

Spark's installer and upgrader make it painless to get started and keep your Spark installation up to date. Update your Spark installation with a single terminal command.


Need to customize a piece of Spark? No problem. Replace small pieces or entire chunks of Spark with just a few lines of code. You can even extend Spark’s JavaScript. Tailor Spark to your needs or stick with the defaults - it’s up to you!

I built Spark because I have a passion for building great web applications and helping others do the same. I've poured my heart into making sure Spark gives your next big idea the solid foundation it deserves.

Taylor Otwell
Creator of Laravel
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