Support Requests


Note: This feature is not supported if you do not use Vue as your application's JavaScript framework.

Spark includes a simple way for your customers to contact you with support requests. After installing Spark and registering a new account, the "Email Us" link will be available from the user's account drop-down menu.

To specify where these e-mails should be sent, you should set the $sendSupportEmailsTo property on your SparkServiceProvider class. Don't forget to also configure your mail settings in Laravel's config/mail.php configuration file:

 * The address where customer support e-mails should be sent.
 * @var string
protected $sendSupportEmailsTo = '[email protected]';


If you would like to have more control over how support requests are delivered to your development team, you may swap the handle method of the SendSupportEmail interaction with your own custom implementation. This will allow you to deliver support requests to the help desk of your choice using a third party API, etc.

To get started, use the Spark::swap method:

Spark::swap('SendSupportEmail@handle', function (array $data) {
    // $data['from']
    // $data['subject']
    // $data['message'],