Which billing providers does Spark support?

Spark supports Stripe and Braintree.

Which billing intervals does Spark support?

Spark supports monthly and yearly billing plans, as well as one-off charges.

Does Spark support one-off charges?

Yes, Spark supports making one-off charges using Cashier's invoiceFor method.

Does Spark support user and team subscriptions at the same time?

Yes, you can have both user and team plans at the same time.

Does Spark support limiting the resources for a given plan?

Yes, you can limit team plans by team members. You can also limit plans by your own arbitrary conditions.

Does Spark support collecting European VAT?

Yes, Spark supports collecting European VAT.

Can Spark be integrated into an existing application?

Spark is not designed to be integrated into existing applications. Spark is designed for new applications.

How do I transition from a Satis-based installation to a local installation?

First, follow the installation instructions for the "Spark Installer" package. Once the package has been installed, register your API token using the register command. If you do not have an API token, it can be generated from your Spark account dashboard on this website:

spark register token-value

Next, you should copy the Spark source directory from vendor/laravel/spark to /spark so that it resides in the root directory of your project. Once you have copied the files, you need to change the Spark dependency version in your composer.json file to @dev:

"laravel/spark": "@dev",

Finally, update your composer.json file to use a path repository for Spark. Once this has been completed, run the composer update command:

"repositories": [
        "type": "path",
        "url": "./spark"