Translating Strings

Spark utilizes the powerful translation component shipped with Laravel. By default, Spark is shipped with an English interface and a left-to-right theme.

You may easily support another language in your application by copying the resources/lang/en.json file into a new file named after the language you prefer (such as sp.json). You'll also need to copy the resources/lang/en/teams.php file, which contains team-related string translations, into a translation folder corresponding to your desired language (such as resources/lang/sp/teams.php).

Translating The Terms Of Service

To translate your application's "Terms of Service" file, you should create a terms.[lang].md file and provide your translated content. For example, if you wish to support the Spanish language, you should create a terms.sp.md file. Spark will display the content of this file based on the application's configured language.

If a file with the requested language is not found, Spark will use the default terms.md file.

Right-To-Left Theme

If you would like your application to use a "right-to-left" theme, you should call the useRightToLeftTheme method in the boot method of your SparkServiceProvider:


You may further customize how the right-to-left theme appears by modifying the resources/assets/sass/app-rtl.scss file and re-compiling your assets using npm run dev in your terminal.