Upgrade Guide

Upgrading To Spark 11.0

Spark 11.0 provides compatibility with Laravel 8 and Cashier 12.

Upgrading Via Spark CLI

If you installed Spark via the spark CLI tool, you may run the spark:update Artisan command:

php artisan spark:update --major

Upgrading Via Composer

If you installed Spark via Composer, you may simply update your dependency version in your composer.json file and run the composer update command. Of course, in order for your GitHub user to access the repository, you should first join this repository in the Spark dashboard:

"laravel/spark-aurelius": "~11.0"

Updating Your SparkServiceProvider

Rename the booted() method of the SparkServiceProvider to boot() and call parent::boot().

public function boot()


            'First', 'Second', 'Third'

    Spark::plan('Basic', 'provider-id-1')
            'First', 'Second', 'Third'

Next, if you would like to keep your model classes in the App namespace, you may use the useUserModel and useTeamModel methods in the register method of your SparkServiceProvider:



Cashier Upgrade Guide

After updating your Spark application, please review and make the necessary changes for Cashier 12.0 based on the Cashier upgrade guide.